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Benefits of Cloud Based HR Software:

Streamline Your HR Responsibilities

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Our recruiter manager provides your organization the ability to streamline the applicant process.
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Organizations can effectively track
and manage employee
performance reviews with our Performance Appraiser.
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Performance Appraiser

If you’re in the human resources field one of the biggest challenges is trying to secure a performance review for each employee. This can especially be the case if you are still using paper copies. Even after the evaluation is completed your probably sticking it in a filing cabinet somewhere locked away until a later date. Our Performance Appraiser software lets you manage and administer your employee’s performance appraisal with less stress, less time and less paper. Performance Appraiser provides an efficient way to capture important information about an employee's performance and accomplishments, which ultimately lead to a more productive workforce. Everything you need in an employee performance appraisal system is included at a very reasonable cost.

  • Simple, Flexible, Affordable
  • Provides employees (management and subordinates) with the ability to complete an employee appraisal online
  • Easily review and compare an employee’s appraisal rating from a previous year
  • Compare ratings from each department
  • Simplifies the employee performance appraisal process across the organization
  • Enhances content, consistency, and timeliness of employee performance reviews
  • Increases the ongoing participation of employees and managers in the process
  • Reduces litigation risks
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