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Benefits of Cloud Based HR Software:

Streamline Your HR Responsibilities

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Our recruiter manager provides your organization the ability to streamline the applicant process.
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Organizations can effectively track
and manage employee
performance reviews with our Performance Appraiser.
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HRIS - Personnel Manager

This is our core HRIS Software component that serves as an organization-wide human resources database that stores, tracks and analyzes your personnel data. The system allows you to record several data records that include items such as an employee’s name, address, phone number, date of birth, job classification/title, hire date, SSN, pay rate, pay frequency, annual salary, FLSA status, pay grades, job history, disciplinary action received, gender, race, leave time, years of service, and much more.

For terminated employees the system provides a list of checks and balances to record termination dates and reasons, benefit end dates, COBRA notifications, exit interviews, final pay reminders, and much more. As the HR administrator for your company you will have access to several existing reports that are provided along with a simple search feature to quickly look up employee personnel records.

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Features Included
  • Unlimited free phone and email technical support
  • Unique username and password provided for each employee to access system
  • Administrator can assign specific access rights for each user
  • Turnover analysis by organization, division, department, and location
  • Ability to setup organization by divisions, locations, and departments
  • Employee reporting by division, location, and departments
  • Organization office location displayed via integrated Google map
  • Employee profile picture upload & viewable company directly list
  • Ability to add/edit/delete personnel folder names
  • File upload into employee personnel folders
  • Ability to add, terminate, reactivate, and transfer employees
  • Employee’s entire organizational job history tracked and reported
  • Ability to create predefined job title list to maintain data consistency
  • System is built to track each employee data metric through its own unique field. This expands the reporting capability as opposed to competitor systems that require you to track many items into a single notes field. Over 60 data fields collected in the personnel manager alone
  • Global system upgrades and enhancements are received at no additional cost
  • Customized reporting for new hires and terminations
  • Employee birthday list report
  • Employee years of service report
  • Workforce average age report
  • System is fully integrated with all our HR products which can be activated at any time in the future

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