iHelp With HR

iHelp With HR

"It's That Simple"

Software to Manage Human
Resources Data

Benefits of Cloud Based HR Software:

Streamline Your HR Responsibilities

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Our recruiter manager provides your organization the ability to streamline the applicant process.
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Organizations can effectively track
and manage employee
performance reviews with our Performance Appraiser.
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Why i Help With HR

Solitary Solutions set out with three main goals:

  1. Develop a system that is User Friendly
    • The overwhelming feedback we received prior to the development of iHelp With HR was to create an easy to use system. To ensure you feel comfortable using the system we provide our clients with a free demo account to review and test with prior to any purchase.

  2. Offer a product that is Affordable
    • Quite frankly our target market includes several small businesses that simply do not have a large budget to spend on a high priced human resource management system. With that said we also realize there is a strong demand to centralize personnel data into a secure system that can improve the efficiency of the HR function of a business. We feel our prices are extremely attractive. In addition to our low pricing we have also included several payment structures to meet any company size and budget.

    • Our belief is to offer a solid product at an affordable price with the goal of establishing a good business relationship with our customers for their future website and software needs.

  3. Allow the system to be Customizable
    • No two company’s HR functions and needs are exactly the same. iHelp With HR has been designed to be easily customizable for your organization. All customizations do take time, however our system can be efficiently customized in shorter periods of time at minimal costs.
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